OPERON,S.A. is the integral solution for your tests design & manufacturing difficulties. We offer you the following services:

- Personalised design according to the needs of the customer.

- Large scale production of tests designed by the client.

- Manufacturing in OEM format.

- Co-operation with other companies & public institutions in the development & manufacture of immuno and molecular assays for the detections of new biochemical markers.

Our wide experience in all of our product lines will help any project to be developed under the best conditions and a great deal of care.

- Raw materials: Monoclonal Antibodies or Recombinant Antigens, from mg to grams of product.

- Lateral Flow tests: from the raw material to the final presentation. Manufactured with latex particles and coloured result bands.

- Molecular diagnostic tests: our two molecular technologies (Opegen and OligoGen) allow to detect specific DNA sequences, amplified by PCR.

Do you want to manufacture a product but you don't have the appropriate installations for it?

Do you need to procedure your test in CE accredited installations?

Are you facing difficulties with your design?

OPERON,S.A. is the answer to your request.

Trust us!

Fill the form and we will get in contact with you as soon as possible. Select your area or product of interest and we will be delighted to send you a personalized reply.

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