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Technique Sample Promotional
CE Decl. Instruct.
Rotavirus Immunochromatography stool
Norovirus Immunochromatography stool
Rota-Adeno Immunochromatography stool
Rota-Noro Immunochromatography stool
Giardia Immunochromatography stool
Crypto Immunochromatography stool
CRY-GIA Immunochromatography stool
Entamoeba Immunochromatography stool
CRY-GIA-ENT Immunochromatography stool
2A-Bdiff Immunochromatography stool
GDH Immunochromatography stool
Combo GDH + Toxins Immunochromatography stool
VER-O157 Immunochromatography stool
Calprotectin Immunochromatography stool Not Available
Chagas Immunochromatography serum
Chagas WB Immunochromatography blood
HBsAg** Immunochromatography serum Not Available
PSA Immunochromatography serum
CD1 Immunochromatography serum
CD2 Immunochromatography serum
CD1WB Immunochromatography blood
CD2WB Immunochromatography blood
hCG Immunochromatography urine
hCG s&u Immunochromatography serum or urine
cGMP Immunochromatography milk N/A
CeliacStrip Hybridization on Strip DNA
HLA B27 Strip Hybridization on Strip DNA
HLA B5701 Strip Hybridization on Strip DNA
YChromStrip Hybridization on Strip DNA
High PapillomaStrip Hybridization on Strip DNA
High+Low PapillomaStrip Hybridization on Strip DNA
LactoStrip Hybridization on Strip DNA
HemochromaStrip Hybridization on Strip DNA
ThromboStrip Hybridization on Strip DNA
S. PneumoStrip Hybridization on Strip DNA Soon
STD PanelStrip Hybridization on Strip DNA
CT OligoGen Oligoimmunochromatography DNA
HSV OligoGen Oligoimmunochromatography DNA
NG OligoGen Oligoimmunochromatography DNA
B27 OligoGen Oligoimmunochromatography DNA Soon
MG OligoGen Oligoimmunochromatography DNA
TV OligoGen Oligoimmunochromatography DNA
CT/LGV OligoGen Oligoimmunochromatography DNA
CT/NG/MG OligoGen Oligoimmunochromatography DNA
**This product is not CE marked, therefore its commercialization is not available in the countries belonging to the UE

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