The detection of oligonucleotides by immunochromatographic strip is the technique used in all our products.

The procedure consists in three steps:

a) DNA extraction (reagents not included in the kit)

b) PCR amplification (reagents included in the kit): desired fragments of the genes are amplified simultaneously by the polymerase chain reaction (PCR). During this PCR, differente labels (tags) are added to the DNA amplied fragments.

c) Hybridization/detection (reagent included in the kit): during the hybridization the specific DNA fragments union to a series of probes covalently bounded to a latex coloured particules (colloid) is produced.

Subsequently, during the immunochromatography, these DNA complex + colloid are detected by specific antibodies that recognize these labels added during the PCR, resulting in the appearance of a coloured bands pattern.


PCR's preparation

Procedure for OligoGen products

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