2nd September, 2016

Trichomonas vaginalis (protozoal) is the etiologic agent of trichomoniasis, one of the most frequent sexually transmitted disease (STD). Infection rates among men and women are similar, although usually only women show symptoms, while infections in men are generally asymptomatic. Trichomoniasis can increase the risk of contracting or spreading other sexually transmitted infections such as HIV.

TV infections can be diagnosed by examination under microscope, and also by culture. They are simple methods but whose outcome may depend on the technician and the conditions under which the test is performed, so that sometimes they have a low sensitivity. Currently, the techniques based on nucleic acid amplification allow the diagnosis of TV infection, in a quick manner and providing a high specificity and sensitivity.

TV OligoGen is a test designed for the qualitative detection of Trichomonas vaginalis (TV) through the amplification of a genomic region of TV (X83109), and its subsequent identification by immunochromatography. The test allows for the simple, economical and reliable detection of all infections caused by the protozoon.

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