CELIACSTRIP, detection of HLA haplotypes associated to celiac disease


26th August, 2011

CeliacStrip detects the presence or absence of haplotypes that encode HLA-DQ2 and HLA-DQ8.

HLA - DQ2 cis DQA1*05 - DQB1*02 - DRB1*03

HLA - DQ2 trans DQA1*05 - DQB1*0301 - DRB1*11/DRB1*12

DQA1*02 - DQB1*02 - DRB1*07

HLA - DQ8 DQA1*03 - DQB1*0302 - DRB1*04

The Reverse Dot Blot technique used to perform this product allows to detect the haplotypes aleles HLA-DQ2 (cis y trans) and HLA DQ8 in one only step, totally automated.

All the reagents for the PCR are included in the kit: Taq polymerase, PCR mix and Primers.

Transport and Storage at 2-8 ºC (35.6-46.4 ºF)

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