31st December, 2015

Mycoplasma genitalium is a small bacterium from the genitourinary tract that lives in the ciliated epithelial cells of the reproductive and respiratory apparatuses. M. genitalium has recently been proposed to be the causative agent of frequent urethritis in men and lower reproductive tract infections in women, with symptoms very similar to those of Chlamydia trachomatis. This infection is associated with bacterial vaginosis. In addition, it is thought that this type of infection may also cause pelvic inflammatory disease in the long term.

The diagnosis of M. genitalium using conventional methods, such as bacteriological culture and serological and biochemical techniques, is extremely laborious and long periods of time are required to obtain a confirmatory diagnosis. As a result, molecular techniques are the method of choice for diagnosis as they allow M. genitalium to be detected in a fast and highly specific and sensitive manner.

The OPERON MG OligoGen test is a test designed for the qualitative detection of Mycoplasma genitalium (MG) through the amplification of a specific genomic region of adhesin protein (MgPa) gene and its subsequent identification by immunochromatography.

DNA extraction

PCR amplification: The MG OligoGen kit includes all the reagents needed to perform the amplification of one region of adhesin protein (MgPa) gene of MG. A human control gene (β-globine), which is used to indicate the absence of PCR inhibitors in the amplified DNA sample, is also amplified during PCR.

Hybridization and development: Specific binding of the amplified DNA fragments takes place during this step using a series of probes that are anchored to coloured latex particles. This DNA + colloid complex migrates along a membrane upon which specific antibodies have been deposited. The antibodies recognise markers added to the products of amplification during PCR, such that the PCR + colloid complex binds to the membrane and causes a coloured band to appear.

The test allows the simple, economical and reliable detection of all infections caused by MG.

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