Qualitative detection of Norovirus in human faeces.


26th February, 2015

What is exactly norovirus? Noroviruses are a kind of single-stranded, positive sense RNA viruses belonging to the family Caliciviridae 1,2,3.They are highly contagious viruses whose main routes of transmission are: person-to-person contact and through contaminated food/water. They often cause large outbreaks in closed communities in a variety of environments such as hospitals, nursing homes, schools, kindergarten, restaurants, cruises,... where, once the virus has been introduced, the infection spreads very quickly.

Human norovirus is the most frequent cause of acute non bacterial epidemic and is it responsible for almost 50% of gastroenteritis outbreaks worldwide.

Infection by Noroviruses can be detected throughout the year, it has been clearly observed that there is a seasonal prevalence with peaks during autumn and winter. Norovirus infection has an incubation period of 24-48 hrs. and is characterized by nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, fever. This infection is very common, but its prevention is difficult because this virus is resistant to treatment with many chemicals such as bleach or chlorine-based solution which are used as disinfectants.

How Norovirus can be detected? OPERON provides a quick and easy solution which it is Lateral Flow test, that has been designed for detecting in two different lines Genogroup I (GI) and Genogroup II (GII) of Norovirus in human faeces. This test is available in two different formats:

- Stick format: it is a reaction strip packaged in an aluminium pouch.

- Simple format: it is a reaction strip inside a plastic device or casing. The extracted samples are added directly to the sample window of the cassette marked with an arrow.

Both formats have the same features, the only difference is related to the method for running the test.

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